There are two different types of installation
All methods of installation need careful preparation

The floor must be clean, dry and level to begin with.
Strand woven bamboo flooring requires a minimum of 10mm for expansion to all perimeter areas. Although the floors won’t move much; being a natural product means that it is still likely to happen at one point or another. Fear not for any expansion and contraction will occur underneath the skirting boards due to the nature of the product.


Our unique ‘waxed’ four-sided end-matched click system allows the individual boards to move freely between each other as apposed to traditional Tongue and Groove glued floorboards where the glue will deteriorate over time and you may see present gaping between boards.

You won’t notice this visually nor to walk on which is what makes it a heaven-dealt product to work¬†with. When laying the floor, mix the boards throughout the whole area for the best looking effect.

With all panel flooring lay the boards in the line of the greatest natural light source. All doorways and wardrobes will need expansion trims that meet a different type of flooring like carpet for instance. Any installation requiring the flooring to exceed 15 metres in length or 10 metres will require expansion trims.

Inspect all boards for any defects or imperfections before or whilst installing.
No glue is required to the ends or sides of the boards when floating or direct sticking the boards as they lock in together.

Method One
Floating floor (Click System)

There can be a 4-5mm tolerance over 2 meters when floating.

Using a underlay with a moisture barrier attached to the underlay is the easiest, most practical and cost effective way to install strand woven bamboo flooring.

Method Two
Gluing the Floor

If gluing a 2-3mm tolerance factor over 2 meters is required.

Concrete must be checked for moisture content; moisture should not exceed 4% when gluing the floor.

It is recommended that a sealer must be used to ensure complete safety from moisture when gluing.