About Bamboo Flooring Brisbane

We are Brisbane’s leading supplier of quality Bamboo flooring species and are dedicated in providing you with a seamless experience. Our products have been carefully refined over the past 18 years using state of the art technology that has allowed us to produce a high quality bamboo flooring that stands and has stood the test of time.

We optimise the boards by meticulously seasoning the bamboo to primarily suit the south-eastern Australian climate and it’s harsh conditions. Although it is designed specifically for this region, it is suitable to use Australia-wide. It is through our careful refinements over the years, that has allowed us to produce a bamboo flooring that triumphs over other bamboo flooring products on the market.

Belief in our Products

We know that bamboo flooring is a high-performing, cost-effective floor covering. However, it needs to be well made by an experienced manufacturer that understands the milling process in combination with using the correct adhesives, coatings and raw material.

Our bamboo floors are primarily ‘strand-woven’ which means the fibers are interwoven to provide optimal product density and stability. Our flooring works exceptionally well in both domestic and commercial environments. Over the past 18 years, we have rigorously tested our products to ensure their superior quality.

Not all bamboo is created equal. For instance, some less scrupulous bamboo companies will use the stalks of the plant that isn’t fully matured. The result is a lower quality product – the less mature the wood, the more likely it will dent and chip.

About Bamboo Flooring Product Range

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Regular DNA Testing to Ensure Product Quality
  • Extremely Eco-Friendly Product with E0 Emissions
  • High Level of Customer Service
  • Have been in Business for nearly 20 Years
  • Buying Straight from the Wholesaler
  • Colour & Quality Consistent
  • Pre-Finished Products
  • Only the Highest Quality Coatings and Adhesives
  • Product Warranties for Peace of Mind
  • Specialise in Strand-Woven Flooring