About Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has many advantages over conventional Timbers, making it an ideal choice for your home or business flooring as it offers consistency in colour over traditional timber floors. Bamboo is superior in hardness which offers far less maintenance and damage, often caused by household items.

  • Extremely Hard Wearing & Durable
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Non-Toxic to Humans & Animals
  • Endless Design Options
  • Looks Stunning & Lasts
  • Easy to Clean & Install
  • Colour Consistent
  • Naturally Resilient Against Termites
  • Fire Proof Tested
  • Rot & Moth Resistant
  • Expands & Contracts up to 50% Less than Most Timbers
  • Copes Exceptionally well with Scratching and Indentation

Renewable Forever

Bamboo is a natural renewable resource which means unlike timber flooring where trees are cut down and can never grow back, bamboo will re-shoot and grow back in no time at all. The average maturing period for this remarkable grass is between 5 – 7 years which is merely a fraction of the 50 – 60 years it takes for traditional timbers to be ready for harvesting. In a time where global warming, deforestation and depletion of resources threaten the balance of our earth and it’s diverse Eco-systems, bamboo is making a name for itself.

Strand woven flooring is extremely dense and is such that it provides such a quiet floor to walk and live on. Other engineered floors by comparison will be very noisy to live on especially if you have children who like to run or play in the house. Cultures from all over the world consider bamboo to be one of the most useful, sustainable resources on the planet.

Expansion & Contraction


Bamboo will not move much at all unlike other types of timber flooring. This in itself provides huge advantage as you won’t have gaps between the individual floor boards as a result of contraction during hot dry weather. Typical hardwood timbers will expand during humid rainy seasons, however our bamboo has been carefully seasoned to deal with the Australian climate, therefore our product is able to cope with this expansion.

Our flooring is dried down to 10% moisture content, making it more stable and suitable for a wide range of climates. This faith is backed by our guaranteed product warranty. Our Bamboo expands and contracts as a whole floor. It is rare that you will see this occur visually as any takes places underneath the skirting boards. We have the only bamboo product in Brisbane which can be glued directly to the sub-floor.

Most Bamboo flooring mills dry their material to 13-15% moisture content. At that level the flooring can be unreliable for use in dry climates and areas with significant seasonal humidity fluctuations.

Some of our bamboo floors can even be laid over relatively uneven floors. There are different tolerance factors between gluing and floating the floors upon installation. Always ensure that you are dealing with a reputable retailer or wholesaler when purchasing bamboo flooring.